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The Caregiver & Emotional Well-Being

May 11, 2017 by Chris Gamble

The Mental Health Foundation defines emotional well-being as "A positive sense of well-being which enables an individual to be able to function in society and meet the demands of everyday life." Individuals who have positive emotional well-being do not always live charmed lives, but the way they address their challenges helps them recover from illnesses, maintain lower stress levels, experience less pain, and ultimately generally enjoy life.

Identify & Focus on Strengths

The key to optimal emotional home health is identifying and focusing on strengths instead of problems and weaknesses. It is always easier to enjoy life when everything is going smoothly. The challenge is to be able to cope with stress and maintain stable emotions when things are not going well.


Having positive emotional well-being does not mean that a person never gets sad, frustrated, stressed, or angry. To the contrary, emotional wellness is based on listening to and identifying one's true feelings. The difference is made when it comes time to respond to these emotions. A reflective person will take the time to find the source, determine how an experience led to an action, and then choose to react more positively next time. Obviously, this is not a one-time solution or quick-fix scenario. Positive emotional well-being is developed over time.


Few people are able to work through all of life's home health care challenges alone. Sadly, many seniors find themselves physically or socially isolated. In fact, a third of all seniors live alone as do more than 50 percent of senior women over 75. In these cases, a senior caregiver may provide the companionship and emotional support needed to work through life's challenges.


One of the primary factors impacting a senior's emotional well-being is self-confidence or being able to trust and believe in oneself. Seniors with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges often have low levels of self-confidence, but an in-home caregiver can help them rebuild it. After all, feeling good about oneself often starts with a single compliment, word of encouragement, or even a smile.

How A Caregiver Can Help

Each Comfort Keepers of Lake Havasu City, AZ caregiver provides support in many areas of life. Surprisingly, the most important of these areas are not cleaning, medication management, or even personal care, but they are the areas of self-worth and self-esteem. By helping seniors believe in themselves, a caregiver does more than provide daily living supports, they increase a senior's outlook on life. This, in turn, leads to all of the many benefits of positive emotional well-being, including better health, lower levels of stress, and increased enjoyment of overall life.


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