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Assisted Home Care & Hearing Loss in Lake Havasu City, AZ

Apr 13, 2017 by Chris Gamble

Many seniors develop some level of hearing loss. In fact, about 1 in 3 people over the age of 60 suffer from hearing loss, and severity varies greatly from person to person. The level of hearing loss can range from slight to total deafness.


Hearing loss creates a lot of challenges for seniors. If your senior loved one suffers from hearing loss, our dedicated assisted home care professionals in Lake Havasu City, AZ will communicate with them in the best, most efficient way that is personalized for them.


Seniors with untreated hearing loss are more prone to physical ailments. They may fall frequently due to poor balance. Or they may have trouble hearing alarms, sirens or warnings. Hearing loss can undoubtedly affect your loved one’s health and safety if it is not addressed and treated properly.


Assisted Home Care in Lake Havasu City, AZ Can Help with Hearing Loss

Fortunately, there are hearing aids and other equipment that can improve the quality of your senior loved one’s life. But first, you should identify signs of hearing loss. So how can you tell?


Here are some signs:

  • They need to turn up the volume of a television or radio so loud that it’s too loud for other people in the room.
  • They seem to be unable to follow a conversation.
  • They stop talking on the phone.
  • They talk more loudly or softly than before.
  • They say that other people are mumbling too much.
  • They are generally not as talkative as they once seemed to be.

If your senior loved one shows these behaviors, it’s recommended that you get their hearing checked as soon as possible.


Has your senior loved one been diagnosed with a hearing problem? You can still communicate with them effectively! Get their attention before you talk so that they can look at your face. Be sure to speak clearly and watch for body language that or expressions of confusion. Make sure all background noise is at a minimum, and don’t shout at them. Remember to be patient.


Lake Havasu City, AZ assisted home care services can help your loved one suffering from hearing loss. From setting up an appointment to get their hearing checked to communicating effectively, our dedicated caregivers could encourage your senior to use tools, such as hearing aids, and support them with daily activities to better promote safety and happiness. Don’t let them miss on out any more important moments in life; have their hearing checked today!


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