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Why Home Health Care Benefits Seniors

Oct 25, 2016 by Chris Gamble

Nursing Homes Provide a Good Service, but Staying Home is Better

As you grow up, your loved one grows older. Now that you are in the role of caretaker and caregiver, you begin to understand that it is important to take some time to figure out the best and most efficient way to care for your senior family member. Introducing your loved one to a nursing home gives you the assurance that there will always be someone available for their care at any time, day or night, but there is an alternative. For anyone who isn’t completely sold on a nursing home, hiring in-home caregivers is a wonderful way for your senior to make the most of their time at home, and still receive the care that they need.


By keeping your loved one in their home, you’re allowing them to make more decisions for themselves. Maybe they do not want to attend a particularly tiring activity after all, or they suddenly remember that tomatoes are on sale, and would like to take advantage. While nursing homes provide nurturing environments for seniors with nutritious food and activities, they do not boast the flexibility that in-home health care would be able to provide for your loved one. In their own home, your loved one can choose what they would like to eat and when, watch anything they would like on television, and spend as much time sunning themselves as they need for a dose of Vitamin D.


Even with the best intentions, nursing homes are unable to provide all of the options and attention that seniors deserve. When your loved one is allowed to make most of their own decisions, and allowed to choose their activities, they are able to live their lives as fully as they always have, with all of the freedoms that they need to feel like the adults that they are.

Better Relationships with Friends and Family

There is no substitute for being present. Loved ones that have been moved into nursing homes for assistance with their care aren’t able to attend most of the events, and miss precious opportunities to bond with friends, children, neighbors, and grandchildren. While it is certainly possible, and normal, for you to visit your loved one in a nursing home, you will not be able to send your family members there to spend the day, or the night. One of the most personal benefits of in-home health care is the ability for your loved one to stay close to the people in their life that they treasure. In-home care ensures that your loved one will be as available as they can be to see and feel the love that your family has to offer.

In-Home Health Care is a Caring Relationship

Home health caregivers have the desire to form bonds with your loved one. The caregivers are not simply there to collect a paycheck - they are invested in the happiness and well-being of your senior. When considering the additional care needed by your loved one, nursing homes are certainly qualified, and trustworthy, but the unique advantages of in-home health caregiving makes it the best choice for anyone seeking to give their loved one all of their love, all of their loved one’s needed care, without having to add distance.   

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