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5 Types of At Home Elderly Care

Jul 20, 2016 by Chris Gamble

Finding The Right Elderly Care Company For Your Family

Most seniors wish to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and retain the dignity of independent living. We offer a variety of services that allow you to do just that. Whether you need help buying groceries or with personal grooming, our caregivers can give you the care you need. Think you might be in need of some help? Here are a few types of care that can help you to give your senior the best quality of life possible. After all, it’s what they deserve.

In-Home Care

So many seniors want to stay in their own home for as long as possible. In-home care makes it feasible with personalized in-home elderly care services. Whether you want someone for only a few hours a week or 24/7, caregivers can provide the elderly care you need. With in-home care, caregivers can help with light housekeeping and meal preparation that becomes difficult with age. They also help with medication, bathing, and grooming needs.

24 Hour Home Care

For elderly care around the clock, you might consider

24 hour home care. This allows seniors to stay in the comfort of their own home without worrying their families. For seniors who wake up frequently or are prone to sleepwalking, 24-hour home care can help their families sleep soundly at night. 24-hour home care is also great for seniors with dementia, alzheimer’s, with limited mobility or recovering from hospital care.


In-Home Companionship

If your senior doesn’t need help with daily tasks and care, but needs someone to spend the day with you might want to consider in-home companionship. Loneliness is a serious concern in older adults who live alone and can cause high blood pressure, clinical depression, dementia, cognitive decline, unhealthy behaviours, and death. There are serious mental and physical consequences to spending too much time alone that can be avoided with in-home companionship. Caregivers will spend the day with your senior doing their favorite activities, as well as assisting with household chores and personal care needs.

Elderly Nutrition

Seniors have different nutritional needs than you or I. That’s why it’s super important that they consult with someone who can provide them with the diet that they need to live the most fulfilling life possible. Seniors that undergo elderly nutrition programs experience increased energy, a strengthened immune system, increased mental abilities, faster recovery times, and a better ability to manage health issues. Your senior will check in with a nutritionist to make sure that they’re getting everything that they need from their diet.

Elderly Care

As we age, our abilities naturally decline. If you suffer from dementia, alzheimer's, or any number of physical conditions this can diminish even faster. By having someone there that cares for you, you’re not only getting the help your senior needs, you’re also giving them a social aspect to their life that could degenerate if they don’t have human contact. Providing your senior with elderly care is one of the most gracious things that you can do for them.

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