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Great Ways to Stay Social in Senior Care | Comfort Keepers

Jun 20, 2016 by Chris Gamble

As we get older, we tend to lose sight of how important social interactions are to our lives. The lack of activity and the absence of new stimuli can significantly increase negative feelings like anxiety, sadness, and depression. Maintaining social activity as you age is even more important because it is great for maintaining your overall physical and mental health.

Maintain Social Interactions In Senior Care

Seniors who utilize home care services have access to in-home companionship to fight against the dangers of loneliness by spending time with a trained caregiver. If you are looking for other ways that you or your loved one can stay social while aging, take a look at these great ways to stay socially active so you can enjoy a long and healthy life.

Go To Fun Events

Going out to fun events may just be the thing you need to reinvigorate your social life. There are plenty of great events happening all the time that will cater to different interests. Whether you want to attend a live show, visit an art festival, laugh at a few comics, or go to a casino, there are plenty of entertaining events happening all the time that will allow you to get away from home and enjoy some time away from your couch.

Local Social Events

Take a look at events offered nearby by searching online. You’ll find that there are a number of great activities that are perfect for having an enjoyable evening that’s easily accessible and close to home. Gather a few friends or family to get out there and have some fun!

Take A Class

There’s nothing better than taking a class to stimulate your mind, learn new things, and meet more people. Whether you want to learn something creative like pottery, painting, and drawing, or something more technical that involves computers or mathematics, the time you spend in a learning environment can be highly beneficial to your mental and physical health. You’ll decrease your chances experiencing symptoms of dementia, and by exposing yourself to a social environment; you’ll also decrease your chances of heart disease.

Find Exercise Groups

Exercising on its own is great for your health but exercising with others will also allow you to create new bonds while you’re at it. Try to find an existing group of people to exercise with or create a group yourself to experience all the benefits of an active lifestyle. Not only will you increase your overall physical health, the friendships you create in the process will also benefit your mental health.

Meet New People While You’re in Senior Care

Loneliness is a big problem that affects older adults every day. If you spend most of your time alone, you put yourself at risk of harmful conditions like clinical depression and cognitive decline. It’s important to maintain a healthy social life as you age. While in senior care, you’ll have access to exceptional in-home care services that will pair you with a great companion. You can also research things of interest to you that will allow you to meet new people and try new things.

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