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Learn more about how in home health care services can assist your senior loved one in Lake Havasu City, AZ and surrounding areas

The majority of seniors take more medications than they used to in their younger years. By taking these medications, older adults can effectively treat and control a wide array of health issues and live a higher quality of life as a result. If your senior loved one needs to take multiple medications each day, they may have a difficult time remembering when to take each medication and how much of each to take. Some of the most common reasons older adults often struggle with medication management are:


  • Confusion and memory loss

  • Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

  • Social circumstances such as living alone or money hardships

  • A fear of medication side effects

  • Impaired vision and hearing

  • Difficulty swallowing pills

  • A poor understanding of what the medications are for

  • The belief they are free of symptoms


Fortunately, Comfort Keepers in home health care services recognizes this medication management problem and has designed a solution that can make a positive difference in your older adult’s health. In addition to our caregivers providing medication reminders when they are in a senior’s home, we offer a state-of-the-art pill dispenser. Our Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice makes it easier for senior citizens to manage their medications.

The Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice is equipped with a wide array of features. Firstly, it contains 60 medication cups that each hold 20 to 25 pills. It also has the capability to connect to your senior’s existing phone line and let out voice, text, and light alerts whenever it’s time for them to take a dose of one of their medications. Since it has a backup battery, it will continue to work for up to 12 hours if a power outage occurs.

In the event that a senior misses a dose, the pill dispenser can inform a family member, close friend, or in home health care services provider. In addition, it was designed with a dispensing button that is easily visible to older adults.

If your older loved one is struggling with medication management, the Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice may be the optimal solution. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, your senior can avoid the complications that may arise if they skip medications or take the wrong doses of them. They can also reduce their risk of emergency room visits and hospitalization.


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An in home health care services coordinator would be happy to come to your senior’s home and share further details about our pill dispenser as well as the various other home safety products we offer in a complimentary in home consultation. Contact us today.


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